Being Okay with Problem Skin…


Suffering with adult acne or problem skin is such a pain. I have a strict skin care regimen and I keep my skin clean. Still, I battle with hormonal break outs and occasional skin freak-outs! It is tough but, by no means is my skin anywhere near as bad as it could be! I get exasperated by the chore of dealing this problem skin.Β  I enjoy weeks to months of relatively clear skin and then BAM, spots galore! I get cystic acne, meaning it doesn’t come to a head, are red and swollen, and are painful.

Though I know I do everything possible to have clear skin…it just might not be in the cards for me. Now how to be okay with that…

I am finally just coming to terms…I am done putting a dent in confidence because of my skin! Yes, I take Instagram pictures with no makeup on, yes you can see the redness and scaring; I love the skin I am in! I am a pretty confident person all around but, I found working on the things that waver your confidence, is the best way to become confident all around!

I promise to myself, keep a good skin routine, be happy and healthy! That’s all we can really do!

I challenge you to go out without any makeup or take pictures without makeup! I challenge you to be confident!

With Love,



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