Last Minute Xmas Gift Guide for Her, Him, and Kids! (Bonus- Teen)

I will be giving two recommendations for each! Links Below!

For whoever SHE is in your life these will be a hit- I promise! The North Face, is a get brand, and she will love staying warm during this winter!  Sephora carries a perfume samplers, $24 includes a voucher for a roller ball or $60 includes for a voucher full-size perfume.

For Her:



When it comes to HIM, practicality or electronics is the way to go! A Sears gift card for either tools, hats, gloves, or outwear. Anything that has to do with electronics or video games will sure put a big smile on your guys face! Get a Roku, which is a streaming device, that plays apps of all different channels, netflix, wwe network, hulu, and much more.

For Him:|All|matchallpartial|all+categories&lnk=snav_sbox_Roku


It’s all about the KIDS!  Disney’s Frozen or Legos!

For Kids:


Bonus- For TEENS, this will get any sulky teen to flash a grin! A gift card to HOT TOPIC, this place has everything from band tees to nicknacks, that your teen will love!

For Teens:







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