New Blog Background & Update!


New silver themed background makes me feel festive, but I’m also just into silver right now.  I hope all of you are getting festive for the holidays or getting excited for the New Year! I am excited for both! I’ve missed blogging! It has been hard the past year for me focus. I have all these ideas, and I seem to never follow through. Do you all have moments or years like that?! I start to get into a good routine, and then it gets messed up! I’ve been mulling over some big decisions, that have been giving me some anxiety. Ugh! 2015, your going to be my year, right?!

Well I hope all you enjoy your Holidays! Let us happily greet the fast approaching New Year- a New Adventure!

I will have a Holiday/New Year Makeup Look and A Last Minute-Xmas Gift Guide Blogs, Coming Very Soon!




(Like if you LOVE the Hobbit Pic! 😉 <3)



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