Makeup Explained- “Stay Put Foundation”


I get loads of questions on how to make foundation stay put and look gorgeous! The prep is half the battle. Always apply makeup with clean hands on a clean face. Moisturize well!

Tip #1- Apply Primer under the foundation to help it last. Oily skins may find this tip very helpful!

Tip #2-  Less is More.  Apply thin layers of foundation (if needed) for more coverage, and pat in foundation in places that need more coverage. When the natural face oils start to combine with the foundation throughout the day; it will look gorgeous. Normal, combination, and dry skin may benefit most from this tip.

Tip #3- Apply Powder to lock the foundation in place! If you have oily skin– apply all over. If you have normal, combination, or dry– focus powder just in the T-zone. If you have problem skin, redness, or acne prone skin– AVOID swiping motions, only lightly pat or roll the powder brush. This will help avoid disturbing the foundation and concealer.

Tip #4-  Primer, Powder, Foundation, Powder!  Oily skin and certain problem skins may benefit from this tip the most.  In between every layer add a dusting of powder for long lasting power!

Tip #5- Setting Sprays! Setting sprays can do wonders. It will not only set your foundation, but also help blend the makeup to a flawless application. Setting sprays come in different effects; for oily skin, long-lasting, and dewy skin. All skin types can benefit from this tip!

Tip #6- Wear a Foundation that compliments your skin type. These finishes work best with these skin types.

Matte to Semi-Matte- Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Normal Skin, Acne-Prone Skin to Problem Skin.

Satin Finish to Dewy Finish- Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Combination Skin, Aging Skin.

Mineral or Powder Foundation- Oily Skin, Normal Skin, Combination Skin.






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