Kardashian Inspired Makeup Look!

The Kardashian makeup look is glam and full-on! It takes quite a bit of makeup to pull off this look! Great for nights out or a selfie photo shoot! 🙂 This is my Kardashian inspired makeup look on my model. (As you can see my model has quite full eye-lids, where as the Kardashian’s have hooded eye-lids. This makeup look is all about creating illusions and it will work with all faces! So everyone can get the Kardashian look!) You can use any comparable makeup products you have at home, I will list everything I used on my model.

(A Big Thank You to my lovely model Veronica!)

1. HIGHLIGHT & CONTOUR! The Kardashian’s are the queens of highlighting and contouring. Highlight the high points of the face, anything you want to bring forward (cheekbones, middle of forehead, nose bridge, chin, and a V shape under the eyes.) Contour anything you want to recede (cheek hollows, sides of nose, sides of forehead,temples, jawline.) I used RCMA ‘Highlight/Contour Palette’ and Maybelline ‘Age Rewind Brightener/Illuminateur.’

(The picture below is the highlight and contour planned out before blending and foundation. You can see where to place the highlight and contour!)

IMG_66542. Blend and add Foundation! Use a little of your favorite foundation to help blend the highlight and contour. I used the model’s favorite foundation Tarte ‘Amazonian Clay Foundation’ and I mixed a bronzing base into the foundation to give her a more bronzed finish. The bronzing base I used was Chanel ‘Soliel de Tan.’

3. Set T-Zone and Under-Eyes! I used Ben Nye ‘Banana Powder,’ a product that Kim Kardashian herself uses!

4. Defined full brows! I used Anastasia ‘Brow Wiz’ to define the brows and combed through to blend. I used Anastasia ‘Clear Brow Gel’ to set brows in place. (You can also use clear mascara to set the eye-brows)

5. Bronzer and Blusher! I used Nars ‘Bronzer in Laguna’ and Nars ‘Blush in Sin.’ The technique that the kardashians often use is to place the blush farther back on cheekbones rather than straight on the apples of the cheeks. (For my models olive skin tone I would have perferred to use Nars ‘Bronzer in Casino’ but I do not own it. I recommend Nars ‘Laguna’ for light skin tones and ‘Casino’ for medium to darker skin tones.) I may have used a little touch of Tarte ‘Amazonian Clay Blush in Fearless.’

6. Eyeshadow & Liner! Create a smokey eye look. Start of with a skin or natural eyeshadow for a base apply all over the lid. Create a shadow in the outer V of the eye with a brown and build up with darker variations of brown to black. Blend in between each layer. Blend, Blend, and Blend! You can add a shimmer to the center of the lid or leave it matte. (I used Marc Jacobs ‘Lolita Palette,’ Mac ‘Eyeshadow in Brule,’ Mac ‘ Eyeshadow in Carbon,’ Mac ‘Eyeshadow in All that Glitters,’ Mac ‘Eyeshadow in Woodwinked’) Use a dark eyeshadow close to the top and bottom lash line almost as you would a liner. Smudge some kohl pencil in the same are like Mac ‘Eyeliner in Smolder.’

7. FAKE LASHES & MASCARA! Either the Kardashians are blessed with long full lashes, use eye lash extensions, or old fashioned fake lashes! Slightly curl your real lashes. Add full yet wispy lashes like Ardell ‘122.’ Add some mascara Clinique ‘High Impact Mascara’ to blend your real lashes to the fake lashes.

8. LIPS! You can do the Kardashians signature Nude lip. They also use fun colors like hot pinks or reds! We did the signature nude lip YSL ‘Sensual Silk #2’ and for fun we did a hot pink lip Chanel ‘Rouge Allure- La Diva- 44.’




Good Luck



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