Ole Henricksen ‘Wipes’- Review

Ole Henriksen

I adore both of these versions of the Ole Henricksen Wipes! I have had several packs of the brightening wipes (orange pack) and recently have the makeup removing wipes (purple pack). They work awesomely well and smell divine. The price tag isn’t the most ideal or budget friendly. That being said, to me, they are worth the money. I wipe my face with the wipe to remove makeup, after I cleanse my face with facial soap and water. Most of the work is done by the wipe! I follow up with the rest my skin routine (Toner, Moisturizer, and Eye Cream). I recommend buying a pack of Ole Henricksen and a cheaper drugstore makeup wipe pack. Using the Ole Henricksen wipes for special occasions or heavier/tougher makeup days and the drugstore makeup wipes for everyday makeup (Although right now I am using the Ole Henricksen wipes exculsively). The Ole Henricksen wipes are a staple in my skin routine! Hope you all give them a try!




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