‘CLIO- Lipnicure in Revenge Pink’ (Korean Makeup)


‘CLIO- Lipnicure in Revenge Pink’ is a matte darker pink color that will not budge! This can be worn as a statement lip or sheer out as a lip stain. It looks amazing! This product is from a Korean Makeup brand and can only be purchased through Korean Online Retailers. Make sure to use a lip scrub (DYI LIP SCRUB-  A tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil and sugar. Scrub lips and wipe off or lick off./ I use a LUSH Lip Scrub) and moisturize your lips well before using Matte products. It can become chalky if you apply more than a few layers. Apply swiftly, but carefully as it dries fast and try to apply as evenly as possible. If you apply it sheer, add little product and blend out with finger. For both ways of application give it about 30 seconds to dry without touching, pushing, or rubbing lips together. If you are going to wear it as a statement lip, wear minimal on the eyes, it is the most flattering way to wear this lip. Remember that the lip will be the focus!  When worn sheer, it looks awesome with a natural makeup look. Once this product is on it will not budge! It can only be properly removed with eye/lip makeup remover. I don’t recommend this product if you will have it on during eating. I drank water with this on and it will not transfer! Have fun playing around with this product!

xo ❤



Website I purchased from:


Another Korean Makeup Seller doesn’t sell Clio products (I like this shop as well):



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