Physicians Formula Review


I hauled these ‘Physicians Formula’ products awhile back; ‘Youthful Wear Spotless- Light’, ‘Nude Wear Blush- Rose’, and ‘Nude Wear Blush- Natural.’  Now that I have had time to try them I will give my honest opinion.  I purchased these products during a promotional deal at ‘CVS’. ‘CVS’ have really good deals/discounts on cosmetics and Physicians Formula. At normal price these products are on the pricey side for drugstore. For that reason, I suggest waiting for deals/sales to purchase any cosmetics in this line.

‘Youthful Wear Spotless- Light’

If you don’t like dewy foundations, stay clear of this foundation – I happen to love the dewy look!  The packaging is a glass bottle with a dropper and it comes with a brush. The brush is useless and the dropper is a little inconvenient. Since the foundation contains a serum it claims it could lighten dark spots over time with use. I  can’t fully review the serum side of this foundation since I do not use it everyday. Also, I like to combine this foundation with other foundations to give more of dewy effect. My skin has been on the dry side. With a good skin routine and this foundation my skin looks well moisturized. If you have foundations that tend to dry quickly on skin making it hard to blend, use it in combination with ‘Youthful Wear.’ Shake the product before use and make sure you moisturize well before hand. I think this product has a luscious feel without a huge price tag. I recommend this foundation to all the dewy makeup lovers out there. Overall, I really like this foundation! ( The color selection wasn’t too good. The color is a little to dark for me, that is why I mix it with other foundations)

‘Nude Wear Blush- Rose & Natural’

These are pretty blushes that give a natural glow to the skin. If you are looking for your blush to actually shows up, you may want to skip on these blushes. The blushes originally have shimmer top coat which I wiped off with a tissue. Each blush comes with 4 different cubes of color when combines give a natural glow. I think there are other blushes out there that are a better investment. For example; for the price of both blushes, I could’ve bought a ‘Tarte blush’ or another High-End blush. I am content with these blushes, but in hindsight I would’ve most likely passed on these and saved money up for a high-end blush. Overall, these blushes are just nice!






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