My Hair History & New Hair Color!

Whoa! Big change for me! I’ve had black hair for the greater portion of my adult life. Lets go back 10 years ago…I was 15 when my mom let me dye my hair some sort of lighter brown. This was also about the time when I unfortunately started to prematurely greying. ^0^  It was only maybe 5 to 10 grey hairs, no big deal?! Right?! I talked to family members and apparently premature greying runs in my family. But as the years passed I noticed those hand-full of greys tripling every year. I started coloring my hair not for fun but because I was greying at an alarming rate. In my late teens I found it easy to use dark brown and or black hair dye to cover up these annoying greys. Hitting my 20’s I greyed to the point of someone in their 40’s. In my early 20’s I became more daring with my hair I started cutting my own hair-after I experienced a bad haircut from a salon. My passion for hair started here. Early 20’s were full of trying to do new stuff with my hair and even going to a dirty blonde-while I was in cosmetology school. Didn’t last to long before I was back to black dyed hair! I loved it and it suited me very well. After the bleaching of my hair and doing all sorts of stuff I wanted to get my hair healthy again. I was dedicated to getting my hair healthy for 2 years…and I achieved it! I cut my hair 6 to 7 inches last summer and for 6 plus months I’ve had gorgeous healthy hair- so proud! ^-^ Commence to what I like to call the “hair stylist itch” of wanting a new hair change! I really thought about it for the last couple months and I decide I wanted a burgundy/red-violet color. First step would be bleaching the black out of my hair but I only needed to lift a few levels. I picked two colors Cool Red colors VV (More Violet) and RV (More Red).

Hair takes a hit when you bleach and dye it; my hair is a bit dry. The strength of my hair hasn’t change (hair can become gummy when bleached). I will be giving myself a haircut soon and it’s good to always at least trim after a hair process.

So, my thoughts now are if I want a fringe and how much I should be cutting of the length?!  ^-^


I wrote this blog about a few months ago now. Red is the hardest color to maintain and I really enjoyed it while it lasted (red fades the fastest because it has the biggest color molecule). My first touch up with the Burgundy/Red I had to re-dye my whole head. My hair grows to fast and I didn’t want to re-dye my whole head every few weeks. It is easy just to touch-up every few weeks and it is what I am used too. So, I decided to dye my hair to a Dark Golden Brown. It looks great and hasn’t faded yet with several washes.

For the haircut I chose to cut two inches off, thin the hair (with thinning shears), and added a few wispy/blended layers. Also, decided a fringe as well.





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