New Shoes!


Loving my new shoes the Sketchers Memory Foam Shoes! AMAZING! They are super duper comfortable, lightweight, and sleek! I have been meaning to get a pair of gym shoes for the past couple of years. YUP, its been years. I have been buying Vans sneaker shoes for these past couple of years. While Vans can be stylish, they are far from comfortable when walking long distance. Spring and Summer means Downtown Chicago adventures, festivals, and outside events/parties. That warrants practicality over style. Is it weird that I get exited every time I wear them out. My boyfriend also got a pair of Sketchers Memory Foam Shoes and he is enjoying them! I highly recommend going into a Sketchers Store or a Retailer who sells Sketchers and try them on! You will get hooked!


– Gavi ❤


Sketchers Website:

My Shoe (Womens)-


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