Mature Skin Makeup

Makeup changes across the decades. Modern makeup has become fresh, young, & dewy. As you age your makeup should become defined without harsh lines. You don’t want to emphasize any lines on your face. This modern trend works perfectly on mature skin. Remember less is more!

Firstly, find a quality face cleanser, exfoliant, mask (once or twice weekly), & toner. Protect and prevent skin by using a quality face moisturizer, eye moisturizer, & SPF. A serum or face oil can be added before your moisturizer; as a luxury or added measure. I can’t even tell you the wonders this basic routine will do for your skin. Your makeup will sit so much better on the skin!-At 25, I am even seeing the effects of age; I need to start using eye moisturizer from preventative measures. Which I should’ve done a long time ago but I have been procrastinating! 😉

(Basic: Daytime Natural Look)

Then start with a suitable foundation for your skin type (oily, dry, combination, normal). Most mature skins tend to be on the dry side so moisturizing is key and a dewy foundation. Use concealer, brighteners, and highlighters with discretion- you don’t want to emphasize spots, discoloration, or lines. Add a dust of powder to T-Zone if desired. Add blush with a light hand. Define without harsh lines! Define the eyebrows, lightly. Add a wash of natural/neutral eyeshadow. With a angled eyeliner makeup brush add a dark brown/greyish black press into lash line to define- avoid winging out the liner. With what ever is left on the angled liner brush add to lower lash line. Curl lashes and add mascara. In patting motion add your favorite natural lipstick!

(Basic: Nighttime Natural Look- Follow above with these added/evolved steps)

You can use a bronzer and a darker blush- apply carefully as not to over do it. Choose a darker natural/neutral color or plum. With a angled eyeliner makeup brush add a gel liner. Or with a dark colored eyeshadow define a bit more and smoke/smudge out with a clean eyeshadow brush. Add left over product on the lower lash line. Use a dark red, wine, or plumy lipstick to get a modern nighttime look!

Good Luck,


Here is a YouTube video that may help:


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