Musicians You Should Know- Exo


I became absolutely obsessed with Exo over the past couple of weeks- believe me it isn’t hard. Exo is a band of 12 members split into 2 groups of 6 members; Exo-K (Korean)-Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, Sehun and Exo-M (Mandarin)- Kris, Xiumin, Lu Han, Lay, Chen, Tao: Ages of the members range from 19 to 24. This past year they have combined the group of all 12 members & had a very successful year! Even winning a MAMA award for best album in November! The members have so much vigor and charisma it’s hard not to become a fan! Exo songs range from POP, Hip-Hop, and R&B. Talent young men that sing, rap, & dance! If your a fan of K-POP you will enjoy this band very much- if you didn’t already know of them! YouTube is such a great platform to watch their music videos with English subtitles or whichever language you prefer! Watch their 1st reality show that is call Exo Showtime that can also be found on YouTube with subtitles! Listen to their new EP that came out this December with the beautiful ballet track called ‘Miracles in December.’ Listen to their upbeat songs ‘Wolf’, ‘Growl’, & ‘XOXO’ of their album ‘XOXO.’ Watch them do covers of songs on shows and radio stations; Exo Covers of ‘It’s still a dark night’ and ‘Guilty’ from various artists! Also watch them on different variety shows like ‘Running Man’ and much more!

Happy Listening



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